TT1000 – Tower Resistance Tester

The TT1000 is a 4-terminal test meter designed to measure the earth resistance of steel transmission towers or steel poles that are interconnected with an overhead lightning shield wire. It is important to measure tower earth resistance in order to design and determine the lightning protection performance of the power system. The TT1000 operates at a high frequency which results in the shield wire appearing as a high impedance. This means the influence parallel towers or poles is avoided.

Specifications:TT1000 Tower Resistance Tester

  • Range:  0.5 Ω – 100 Ω
  • Resolution:  0.1 Ω
  • Accuracy:  2 % FSD
  • Input impedance:  1 MΩ
  • Output current:  50 mA max
  • Output voltage:  72 Vpp max
  • Test frequency:  40 kHz – 80 kHz auto-scan
  • Display:  reflective graphical LCD
  • Power supply:  Lithium ion
  • Battery life:  approx 16 hrs
  • Weight:  2 kg