ET1000 Earth Tester/Micro-ohmmeter

The ET1000 is a versatile 4-terminal earth tester suitable for the measurement of soil resistivity, earth electrode or grid resistance, conductor/joint resistance and primary plant bonding resistance. The ET1000 is especially suited to soil resistivity measurements due to its multi-function, high resolution and high voltage output feature (which is used to overcome high current electrode contact resistance).


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Range: 0.0 µΩ - 999.0 µΩ; 1.0 mΩ - 9.999 mΩ; 10.0 mΩ - 9.999 kΩ

Auto ranging on both soil resistivity and uOhm mode. Each mode uses different front end attenuation networks to ensure low measurement noise and offsets

Input impedance: 2 MΩ/220 kΩ

The high 2MΩ on soil resistivity mode minimizes errors due to remote electrode impedances. The low 220kΩ impedance on micro-ohm mode minimises error from induced currents from nearby conductors.

Output current: 65 mA/10 mA at 48 Vp/400 Vp

Up to 65mA can be supplied at 48Vp in low voltage soil resistivity mode or micro-ohm mode. Up to 10mA can be supplied in 400Vp high voltage soil resistivity mode. The high voltage mode is ideal for locations where high electrode resistance exists.

Battery life approx 12 hrs

The internal Li-Ion battery with 11.1V/7.8Ahr ensures good battery life. Automatic power off occurs after 5mins of no use.

Test mode reversing DC

A Low frequency (approx 2Hz) square wave is used for micro-ohm mode. The soil resistivity mode uses the industry standard 128Hz test frequency ensuring consistent readings with other soil resistivity test equipment.

Easy portability for any environment

ET1000 weighs only 2kg and has a convenient carry handle. It measures 270 mm x 240 mm x 125 mm for easy transport



Soil resistance testing, quick reference card (Wenner Method)

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