LCI 2000C Low-Current Injector

The LCI 2000C low current injector builds on the very successful architecture of the previous generation LCI2000B injector it offers you enhanced levels of device integration with improved levels of reliability and portability.

The LCI 2000C injects a constant current into the earth grid. The test frequency is variable from 45 Hz to 65 Hz, in 1 Hz steps. This provides a unique test condition and the chosen signal can be easily identified when combined with a Mitton Tuned voltmeter. The earth grid characteristics including impedance, touch, transferred, step voltages and current splits can be determined.

Auto shut-off is a safety feature that ensures the injected current ceases should the injection circuit be interrupted.

The LCI 2000C output is galvanically isolated from the input supply. All functions can be controlled via an integrated front panel


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Input voltage range 100 Vac – 250 Vac

The LCI2000C supports wide range input voltage, note Output power is limited to 1500VA when Vin < 180VAC) The internal power supplies operate on both 50 and 60Hz systems.

Output current 0.5-10A

Output current is user adjustable in 0.25A steps, output waveform is a modified sine wave. An 11A option (250V peak) is available on request at time of purchase. The output current specification is the total circuit current in other words if 2A RMS is induced into the circuit the maximum output current would be 8A RMS. In cases where the induced current exceeds 5A, the use of a diesel gen set is recommended.

Load Loop Impedance: 4 Ω – 150 Ω

Loop impedance <4Ω will trigger an error message during initialization of the loop test. In the event of a low loop impedance or short circuit condition during testing the internal hiccup current protection will activate which shuts down the output and automatically restarts once the low impedance condition is removed. High impedance > 150Ω  will trigger the open loop protection function which disconnects the high voltage output thereby reducing shock hazards to operating personnel.

Output voltage up to 180VAC

The output voltage is automatically adjusted by the LCI2000C to achieve the desired set-point current at the corresponding load impedance. The output waveform is 300V peak on the 0.5-10A model and 250V peak on the 0.5-11A model.

Output Power: 1800VA max

The output power specification is vector sum of the output power delievered by the LCI2000C added to the induced current in the loop from external sources (in any)

Output frequency 45-65Hz

The output frequency is user adjustable in 1Hz increments to match the operating range of the TVM1000 and TVM1100 tunable volt meters.

Dual overload protection

The LCI2000C both a includes a user changeable 15A HRC rated fuse, rated for 1000VDC and electronic over current protection both in the power supply module and the inverter board this ensures a high level of circuit protection under adverse operating conditions.

Fan cooled with replaceable filters

Two fans are included for reliability, both fans are automatically controlled based on operating temperature and output load. The recommended maximum operating temperature is 40°C (104°F). The filters are user replaceable for when used in dusty locations.

GPS sync for accurate phase measurements

The output zero crossing can be synchronized with the 1PPS (1 pulse per second) sent by the GPS satellites. The 9 pin connector on the front panel allows connection to the external GPS reciever module supplied separately, the TVM1100 includes a GPS for phase synch measurements.

Easy portability in Harsh conditions

Two carry handles allow for carrying, the unit is much lighter than portable generator weighing 9kg. The robust aluminum case is resistant to rust with a durable grey paint layer.

Easy to service

The internal construction uses industry standard components, the modular design reduces costs of replacement parts.



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