ST 1000 SWERThe ST1000 is designed to measure the earth electrode resistance of Single Wire Earth Return Systems.

It uses the SWER transformer (isolation or distribution) load currents to provide the measurement signals and accepts two CT inputs and one voltage input.


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Range: 10 mΩ - 1,999 Ω

The ST1000 auto ranges

High resolution as little as 1 mΩ

Resolution is range dependent, on higher ranges resolution is reduced.

Less than +/-0.5% ± 2 digits error for high accuracy

When resistance is > 1Ω for <1Ω accuracy is +/-1%

Input impedance on voltage channel: 2 MΩ

High input impedance minimizes error due to remote electrode impedance

Input voltage ranges 5VRMS, 50VRMS and 300VRMS

ST1000 auto ranges between these three voltage ranges

Current inputs voltage range 3VRMS max

Both channels 1 and 2 have a fixed range with 3VRMS max, when using an external CT ensure it has an inbuilt burden resistor there is no burden resistance built into the ST1000. The current inputs can be independently configured to have I/V ratios of 10mV/A, 100mV/A and 1V/A.

Selectable operating frequency

ST1000 supports both 50 and 60Hz systems allowing operation on both USA and NZ/Australian power networks

Reflective monochrome graphical LCD

The LCD offers a resolution of 128×64 pixels with a display size of 55x64mm.

Integrated SLA battery

The ST1000 contains an integrated 6V SLA battery, with battery management circuitly. Energy efficient electronics give an operation time of approximately 35hrs. ST1000 can be charged from a wide range of sources 12-24VDC/AC with a current > 1A.

Easy Portability

The ST1000 includes a carry handle for easy transport and weighing only 2kg it is easy to carry around unaided. The unit measures 270x110x250mm so can easily be placed in a equipment box for easy transport.



Quick start connection reference card