TVM1000 Tuned Voltmeter

The TVM1000 is specifically designed for use with the LCI2000 injection unit to detect the voltages arising from the injected current. Due to its excellent noise rejection very low levels of test voltage may be identified, even where the background noise levels is high. Such noise may result from residual voltage on the earth grid, electric field coupling or induction in test cables.

The TVM 1000 has a high input impedance to ensure accurate reading of prospective touch, step and transferred voltages. It also has a switchable low input impedance (1 kΩ) to simulate a person’s body impedance.

Two other models are also available. The TVM1000P is a dual channel TVM. This allows a second voltage input such as a flexible or clamp CT to enable current splits and associated phase angles to be measured.

The TVM1000GPS includes GPS tracking and data logging. The GPS facility is ideal for the earth potential rise traverse while the data logging enables any readings to be recorded.


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Channel 1: 0 - 2.5000 V; 0 - 25.000 V; 0 - 250.00 V

TVM1000 supports both manual and auto ranging modes

Channel 2: 0 - 3 V

Channel 2 (on Channel 2 (TVM 1000P) only) is a fixed range, input ideal for connecting CT’s for phase measurements, Since there is no internal burden resistor the TVM1000 can be connected to external CT’s will a wide range of turns ratios.

Phase angle: ± 180° (TVM 1000P)

The (TVM1000P offers support for phase measurement using either the channel 2 current CT as a reference or the GPS 1PPS (1 pulse per second) signal where CT input is not practical.

High Accuracy with: ± 0.1 % FSD filter ON; ±0.15 % filter OFF ± 2 counts

High precision voltage references ensure the accuracy is maintained over varying battery levels and temperature conditions (recommended temperature 0-40degC). Mitton can test annually for calibration if required by the customer.

Programmable center frequency from: 45 Hz - 65 Hz ± 1 Hz

The internal high order order analogue filter combined with digital filter software work in tandem to achieve a noise rejection of > 70 dB (> 3,000:1) @ 50 Hz/60 Hz. The filter bandwidth is 1Hz.

Input impedance: 2 MΩ /1 kΩ

The default input impedance is 2MΩ, this minimizes error due to remote electrode impedance. To reduce error in locations where stray currents are present pressing the Low Z button applies a parallel 1kΩ load which accurately models the human body resistance.

Easy to read graphical LCD

TVM1000 features a reflective LCD measuring 62x25mm high contrast enables easy reading.

Battery powered

Powered by 4 x AA Alkaline cells the unit has a operating time of approximately 20hrs. Graphical battery indicator enable easy battery level checking.

Easy portability

With dimensions of: 195 x 100 x 40 mm and weighing only 200g, the TVM1000 can easily be carried by hand.

PC connectivity

TVM1000GPS offers a mini USB connection to enable PC download of GPS tracked test location data.



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