TVM1100 Tuned Voltmeter

tuned voltmeterThe TVM1100 is specifically designed for use with the LCI2000C injection unit to detect the voltages arising from the injected current. Due to its excellent noise rejection very low levels of test voltage may be identified, even where the background noise levels is high. Such noise may result from residual voltage on the earth grid, electric field coupling or induction in test cables.Tuned VoltmeterThe TVM 1100 has a high input impedance to ensure accurate reading of prospective touch, step and transferred voltages. It also has a switchable low input impedance (1 kΩ) to simulate a person’s body impedance.The TVM1100 includes a second voltage input such as a flexible or clamp CT to enable current splits and associated phase angles to be measured.The TVM1100 includes GPS tracking and data logging. The GPS facility is ideal for the earth potential rise traverse while the data logging enables any readings to be recorded.


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Channel 1: 0 – 6.000 V; 0 – 60.00 V; 0 – 300.0 V

The TT1100 offers user selectable auto and manual ranging, with AC voltage displayed in RMS volts at the user selected frequency.

Channel 2: 0 – 3 V

Channel 2 is a fixed range input idea for connecting to external clamp current transformers there is no internal burden resistor, allowing flexibility with a variety of different turns ratios and primary currents.

Phase angle: ± 180° (TVM 1100)

Phase angle measurement is possible between channel 1 and 2 with resolution to 0.1°. In addition GPS phase mode provides for measurement in locations where connection of a current clamp is not possible.

Accuracy: ± 0.1 % FSD filter ON; ±0.15 % filter OFF ± 2 counts

The instrument is supplied per-calibrated with recommend re-calibration interval of 1 year

Frequency: 45 Hz – 65 Hz ± 1 Hz (in 1 Hz steps)

The tight filter software bandpass filter with only +/-1Hz max bandwidth allows tight rejection of mains fundamental frequency and 3 order harmonics.

Input impedance: 2 MΩ /1 kΩ

The 1kΩ user selectable Low Z mode helps eliminate error due to stray parasitic currents which are insignificant to cause a shock hazard

Noise rejection: > 70 dB (> 3,000:1) @ 50 Hz/60 Hz

TT1100 uses a high resolution digital filter architecture which accuracy rejects off frequency components while is low drift crystal ensures stability over the units life.

Display: Color LCD

Full cover LCD screen offers a resolution of 720×320 pixel 2.7″ diagonal. The white back light enhances readability in low light locations

Integrated Li-Ion Battery

Internal 2×3.7V 2900mA NCR18650 Li-Ion cells, with internal safety circuit, giving approximately 20hrs battery life. Battery % is indicated on LCD

Integrated SD card memory

4GB internal micro SD stores route maps for accurate records of test locations, download of map data to Google Earth is also possible

GPS logging

TT1100 includes a compass mode which guides the user along a pre-defined route this greatly aids in ensure test routes are consistently recorded correctly even if undertaken by different personel.

Ergonomic handheld design

Weighs only 200g and has soft rubberized edges for increase comfort for held for long periods. It is sized to fit into your hand with dimensions of  210x100x30mm.



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