Ultrahound Discharge and Corona Detector

Ultrahound dischargeThe Ultrahound is a highly directional and sensitive partial discharge, arcing and corona detector. Electric discharges in air emit broad spectrurm noise and using ultrasonic techniques the source of any discharge can be traced. Electric discharging of outdoor power line components can cause radio and TV frequency interference or indicate possible future failure of equipment. The Ultrahound dish can be used from up to 30 m from the noise source. A separate short range direction wand is used for close inspection.

The Ultrahound may be used for a variety of situations including:

  • Power line discharge such as cracked insulators or bushings, faulty cable termination or damaged line hardware.
  • Corona due to damaged substation or conductor hardware.
  • Partial discharge of equipment under HV test (laboratory or in the field).


  • Frequency Response: 37 – 43 kHz
  • Noise Rejection: > 50 dB below 20 kHz
  • Directional Characteristics: < 2°
  • Monitoring: Audio and dB display (relative)
  • Diameter: 250 mm
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Test source: 1 μW 40 kHz/100 Hz modulated noise source